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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is specially designed for working professionals. The programme provides a platform for individuals to advance both personally and professionally in their specialised field of work or career. In addition to this, the DBA strives to increase their confidence in facing work and life challenges while focusing on enhancing specific job-related skills and competencies, particularly in the field of business administration and management. The well thought-out programme allows individuals to increase their knowledge of theories and concepts that can be refined and applied to decision-making processes in the business environment. The DBA programme also enables working professionals to gain and contribute new knowledge to the areas of business administration and management. Individuals will be challenged to take their skills and knowledge to the highest level in a programme that embraces continuous improvement and lifelong learning.

RAA Cover
RAA Cover


  • Gain the best quality education with world class facilities and resources, regardless of your field of studies.
  • Achieve an added edge while expanding your global perspectives through our collaborations with highly acclaimed international universities.
  • Experience quality education that prepares you to face the challenges in the global market.
  • Transparent, real-time collaborative platform to ensure every student contributes to team success.
  • Equipping students with 21st century skill sets such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.
  • Take your learning experience to a whole new level by studying with the INTI Edge. Our collaboration with highly acclaimed universities
    around the world enables you to gain an added edge of qualification while expanding your global perspectives.
  • Every year more and more graduates join the workforce. Among a sea of graduates, there’s only one decisive way to stand out from the crowd
    and to get the job that you want – to demonstrate outstanding 21st century skills and gain work experience even before you graduate.