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Opportunities in China Can Help Malaysia With Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

During the many episodes of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, there were doubts about how long Malaysian brand owners, retail businesses, and merchants could survive. Many of them are looking for answers as they deal with the pandemic’s destruction.
According to Dato’ Bruce Lim Aun Choong, Managing Director of JDMas Commerce, Malaysian brand owners and businesses should seek beyond their borders for new prospects. He also shared that only one country, China, is expecting a resurgence, while the rest are still trying to flatten their COVID-19 curve.
“The answer lies in the possibility of obtaining a piece of the pie, which is China’s RMB3,556 billion market demand for cross-border items. Compared to the rest of the globe, China had a three-month head start. It had halted lockdowns as soon as the curve of new infections flattened and only dealt with isolated imported cases. The China government had also introduced guarantees and pumped liquidity into the economy to secure recovery, and this is an opportunity for Malaysia,” he said.