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Couples Who Work Together, Stay Together

Relationships are hard enough to deal with on their own. But when you throw your job into the mix, it can get even trickier. So how do couples who work together actually do it? Is there a secret to sustaining the integrity of your relationship and your career when your partner is your colleague?

We asked this to our very own lecturers at INTI International College Subang and their practical responses hit the right spot. Being in love for over three years, Kelvin Hang Shao Kwang and Lee Hui Ping believe working together increases their productivity at work even though they work in different departments.

Cheering each other on

“We happen to work together in varying ways, allowing us to have different perspectives,” said Hui Ping who further added, “We are growing together as individuals as we nurture each other from experiences we gain each day at work and our daily lives.”

On the other hand, Kelvin said there’s a different kind of energy having his spouse around at the workplace. “I feel more productive working with her,” he said with a smile.

It is couples like them that open up our minds to believe that a relationship isn’t always about being passionate and romantic, but also a foundation two people build to motivate and grow professionally achieving greater heights together.

Being there for one another, together and apart

Kelvin and Hui Ping, who first met at the Mid Valley Education Fair some years ago, teach business related subjects such as Human Resources, Marketing, Fundamentals of Management, Business Studies and more at INTI. According to them, young couples today need to encourage each other.

“The secret to a successful relationship is giving an adequate amount of space and freedom between a couple. If you are serious about courting someone, always give 101% effort and never discount yourself of it,” he said.

While spending time together is good, Hui Ping advised that it is also important to be independent and give one another space.

“There’s a saying that distance creates beauty and also makes the heart grow fonder. No one likes feeling suffocated in a relationship because it will affect both parties in the long term,” she said, adding that allowing each individual the amount of alone time they need allows them to explore the relationship and maintain their self-identity.

Prioritizing each other

It takes two to tango. Love, effort, time, and energy from both sides are equally needed for a long lasting relationship.

“All of us will face ups and downs and we may drown in the chaos life throws us. This goes without saying, but prioritizing time with your significant other in the midst of the general hectic nature of life is important. This is doubly important when you work together, as much of your time is spent at or involving work. Date nights, vacations, and simple quiet moments together should be non-negotiables,” Kelvin concluded.